Region:Gera, Oromia
Farm Size:Average farm size of 3.7 acres
Number of Farmers:206 member farmers, 41 female
Altitude:6,200 - 6,900 ft.
Varietals:Ethiopia landraces
Harvest:December 2012
Rainfall:Approximately 60 inches annually.
Soil:Deep clay red soils & volcanic loam.
Production Method:Demucilaged
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Bird Friendly Certified
Deep, remarkably syrupy Ethiopian espresso. Anise-coated apricot notes with a touch of lily reaching out of the cup.

Yukro members harvest coffee from the forest and from plantings. TechnoServe, an NGO, is working directly with the Yukro Cooperative and other cooperatives in the region as a coordinator between agronomists and managers, as well as a business adviser to help the cooperatives manage their debts, re-invest in quality improvements at the mills, and verify distribution of income to all members. The achievements of the Ethiopian farmer communities with the assistance of TechnoServe seem monumental to me. From producers of run-of-mill commercial coffee of little worth they have catapulted to being the highest quality producers in Ethiopia, in our opinion.


12 ounce