Country:Costa Rica
Farm:La Minita
Altitude:4,265 – 5,250 ft.
Varietals:Caturra and Catuai
Harvest:January 5-10, 2015
Production Method:Washed
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Finca Melico is a section of La Minita selected this year for its even, full ripening. The cherries were picked during the peak of the harvest, from January 5 to January 10, 2016. This lot is crisp, classic La Minita harking back to the late 1980’s when The Coffee Connection first introduced it.

On an east-west axis, bordered by Tarrazu River to the south and the Candelaria river to the north. They converge in the west descending to the Pacific ocean. The two rivers help cool the farm’s slopes at lower altitudes. There are 17 miles of roads on farm to be maintained.

This is a grand cru estate coffee. We've found La Minita to be one of the most consistent, perfectly crafted estate coffees in the world, year after year. Consumers first became acquainted with La Minita in 1988 when George introduced it in The Coffee Connection. It became one of The Coffee Connection’s most in-demand coffees despite being, at that time, one of its most expensive.

La Minita is the applied to the green coffee sorting process. While many farm’s “first” (best quality) constitute 60% or more of their production after milling, La Minita selects slightly over 20%, eliminating all – or as close as you can get to all - defects which might blemish your cup.

La Minita has published a beautiful book, Hacienda La Minita, about the farm. Not only is there a lot of information on how its coffee is produced along with stunning photographs, but also some fascinating presentations by Bill McAlpin to the coffee industry during the 1990’s, some of which were quite prescient and all of which show a truly unique player in the specialty field.


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