A blend of coffees from Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Ethiopia.
This espresso cuts through milk beautifully. Bright, sweet, clean, quick finish.

Our Alchemy blend is carefully designed to be a full-throated, darker style espresso that emphasizes rich bass notes and stands up to milk as its perfect partner. Two coffees form the core of this blend: Daterra Farm dry-processed coffee offers full-bodied, soft fruit notes while our carefully selected, regional Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee adds a touch of extra-smooth liveliness. We then add unique coffees to this foundation every few months to impart new interest, flair and distinctive nuances while staying faithful to Alchemy’s central character.

Alchemy ~ Our seasonal espresso blend. Inspired by Jennifer Howell’s experimenting in our coffee lab with one goal in mind ~ develop an espresso that is stellar on its own but also powerful with milk.

Excellent on its own as well as in cappuccinos and lattes.

Alchemy Card


12 Ounce