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At last! A simple, reasonably priced, smartly compact drip coffee brewer which belies its power and accuracy. The water temperature is hot enough to extract all the nuances found in fine coffees. The showerhead provides enough turbulence and coverage so the coffee grounds are saturated, something other brewers do not.

The Bonavita comes with glass carafe or a very conveniently designed thermos with glass inert. The wide neck allows for easy, quick washing. The spout is dripless. Pouring is achieved with a thumb release. Time for simplicity with pinpoint sureness. Enjoy!

8 Cup Brewer:
All automatic coffeemakers are limited in the amount of perfect brew they can produce, despite the number of "cups" painted on the water tank. In the case of the Bonavita the ideal size is 8 "cups." This equals 34 fluid ounces in the water tank - which produces 31 fluid ounces of coffee beverage or just under four eight-ounce cups (some water is absorbed by the coffee grounds). Six "cups" would require a finer grind with extraction being slightly rougher and produce slightly over 2 cups of beverage.

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