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The Stovetop Kettle:

The Buono Kettle, with its long curved spout, is designed for a controlled pour - to get the optimal extraction out of a pourover brew. Once you try using these for a pourover brew, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Electric Kettle:

* Easy to operate. One flip of the switch to boil water.
* Automatic Power Off - Automatically switches the Kettle off when water is boiled.
* Boil-dry Protection feature - Automatically cuts off power in the event of accidentally turning on an empty kettle.
* Cord-less kettle can be attached/detached 360 degrees all around. Easy to carry and pour.
* Power cord may be stored under the bottom of power plate.

Please note - our Hario flow restrictor does not fit in the Hario Electric kettle.