Producer:Small holders
Farm Size:Approx. 0.62 - 1.22 acres per farm
Number of Farmers:Approx. 500 families in the region
Lot Size:400 pounds
Altitude:4,900 – 8,005 ft.
Varietals:Jaa’di, Taffahi, Dawairi
Harvest:December 2013
Production Method:Dry (Natural)
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The new December 2013 harvest is the best Yemen yet: a velvety fruity drink emphasizing ripe plum coated with a veneer of raisin, date, a hint of nutmeg with an aromatic wisp of lily.

This is the Mother of all natural processed coffees! Coffee has been grown and processed the same way in Yemen since at least 1450 CE. This is an arid land of near vertical landscapes with medieval multi-storied structures sitting atop the ridges and peaks; a land of terraces held in by stone walls ten feet high and more, where the earth captures precious water from the little rainfall and from the mountain springs.

Small holders have cultivated Arabica coffee in the mountains of Yemen since the Middle Ages and perhaps well before that as a medicinal plant. Rainfall is very sparse and carefully constructed terraces are laid out rimming the arid, nearly vertical mountainsides to collect every drop of rainwater and water from the mountain springs. Coffee is grown at altitudes of up to 8,000 feet!

Farming is the most traditional imaginable. They do not use any chemical inputs of any kind.

The coffee cherries have always been dry processed: the fruits are traditionally dried on patios and then de-husked. In the case of this special micro-lot only ripe red cherries were collected and then dried on raised racks for cleaner results. The beans are roundish and quite small.

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8 ounce

Limited Roast - See description for next roast date.