Producer:Zelaya family
Farm:Santa Clara
Lot Size:1,116 lbs.
Altitude:5,000 - 5,900 ft.
Harvest:December 2012 - April 2013
Soil:Sandy loam
Production Method:Washed
The Santa Clara is by far our most syrupy Guatemalan with ripe notes of mango, papaya, and cherry.

Santa Clara is owned by the Zelaya family going on four generations. Ricardo Zelaya is managing this farm as he is several other Antiguas, two of which we have enjoyed in the past (Jauja and San Augustin). His approach is extremely meticulous. The farm has won several Cup of Excellence awards.

Santa Clara starts in the Antigua valley at 5,000 feet and then rises nearly a thousand feet overlooking the valley below. Low rainfall (40 inches average), high altitude and full managed shade help determine the classic Antigua characteristics of this coffee.


12 ounce