Country:El Salvador
Producer:Carlos Batres
Farm:Montecarlos Estate
Farm Size:500 ha – 100 of which is rainforest around rim and including crater. 100 ha. for ea. variety
Number of Farmers:600 people picking at peak of harvest
Altitude:4,900 – 5,722 ft
Harvest:February - March 2014
Rainfall:78 inches approx. average
Soil:Rich, mineral-laden black volcanic, sandy loam
Production Method:Traditional washed
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Bird Friendly Certified
The Montecarlos Bourbon Espresso is a lively, beautifully crafted, creamy-textured pure coffee- tasting experience with nuances of light brown sugar, almond and a touch of blood orange.

Montecarlos is a truly spectacular farm; it covers the entire circumference of a long dormant volcano nestled in a chain of volcanic cones, two of which have recently erupted. Near its base are fumaroles spewing sulfuric vapors. On one side is the Pacific Ocean and on the other the Central Plateau bringing warm winds up the northern slopes. Tall slender wind-break trees form walls which crisscross each other into neat squares throughout the farm. Inside the crater is lush virgin forest surrounding a meadow with pond below.

El Salvador has a clear-cut dry season followed by a rainy one (May through October), ideal for evenly ripening coffee, which at the higher elevations occurs in February.

Four varieties are grown on the farm, each on clearly separated sections: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon and Pacamara. The coffee is washed using clear spring water from the farm. The beans are then fully sun-dried.

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