Farm:Los Idolos
Altitude:5,250 – 6,230 ft
Varietals:Caturra & Typica
Harvest:November 2013
Production Method:Traditional washed
Rainforest Alliance Certified
This very fine coffee has been decaffeinated in Colombia using water and ethyl acetate, a 100% natural ingredient taken from sugar cane. Very clean delicate fruit notes with a sweet caramel wash without the typical annoying decaf notes.

Los IdolosTM is grown very near from “El Alto de Los Idolos”, by sixty-four small coffee growers gathered together under the banner of “Grupo Asociativo San Agustin Los Cauchos”, a coffee growers co-operative founded in 2001. These coffee growers got together from the desire of obtaining a higher income through the sale of high-quality coffee. The group has focused on standardizing practices and improving their wet mills and drying patios, obtaining incremental increases in quality each time.


12 ounce