Producer:Grupo Asociativo San Augustin Los Cauchos
Farm:Los Idolos
Number of Farmers:64 Small coffee growers
Altitude:5,250 – 6,230 ft
Varietals:Caturra, Typica & Castillo
Harvest:November 2015
Production Method:Traditional washed
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Now roasting the 2015 harvest!

This very fine coffee has been decaffeinated in Colombia using water and ethyl acetate, a 100% natural ingredient taken from sugar cane. Very clean delicate fruit notes with a sweet caramel wash without the typical annoying decaf notes.

Around 1000 B.C., a pre-Columbian civilization known today as “San Agustin” flourished in the mountains where the Magdalena River is born. The San Agustin culture is characterized by imposing monolithic sculptures and tombs created on hilltops throughout the region. This civilization disappeared mysteriously before the arrival of the Spanish Conquerors, leaving nothing but its burial sites. The archaeological sites were discovered in the 1960’s by a group of explorers, led by the local inhabitants. Among the better known sites is “El Alto de Los Idolos”, a group of several burial sites atop a hill dating back to the first century B.C.

Los IdolosTM is grown very near from “El Alto de Los Idolos”, by sixty-four small coffee growers gathered together under the banner of “Grupo Asociativo San Agustin Los Cauchos”, a coffee growers co-operative founded in 2001. These coffee growers got together with the desire of obtaining a higher income through the sale of high-quality coffee, choosing the name Los IdolosTM because of its symbolism and as a way of honoring the region’s ancestral origins.

The group has focused on standardizing practices, improving their wet mills and drying patios, thus obtaining incremental increases in quality each time. This process has galvanized the commitment of the members, who feel proud of each achievement and know that every improvement is a step forward towards their initial goal. They are achieving 35 to 50% above internal market price in recognition of their superior quality. They have come a long way since 2001!

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12 ounce