Region:Boquete, Chiriquí
Producer:Price, Rachel, Daniel and Susan Peterson
Farm Size:123.6 acres, 3% of which is Gesha
Lot Size:300 pounds
Altitude:4,900 - 5,400 ft.
Harvest:January 2013
Rainfall:Approximately 165 inches annually.
Soil:Soils are volcanic with high levels of organic material
Production Method:Demucilaged
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Rainforest Alliance Certified Bird Friendly Certified
SOLD OUT-see our Mario San Jose 2014 harvest if you would like to purchase a coffee from La Esmeralda!

We had one roast remaining of the 2013 harvest from La Esmeralda - Mario Enero. Also available as a gift set with the 2014 La Esmeralda Mario San Jose - Shop Here.

Limited quantities available of the Mario Enero.

Very intense powerful cup laden with honeyed notes of apricot and nectarine infused with tangerine sparkle.

La Esmeralda's Gesha variety coffee first appeared in 2004 when it won first place in the Best of Panama Competition, taking the international jury by storm. Gesha, an Arabica coffee variety exported from the wild forests of Ethiopia in 1931, was introduced into Central America in the 1950s. It was a disappointment back then because its production was quite poor and so very little was grown. Then in 2004 the Petersons, owners of La Esmeralda, decided to change their coffee entry into the yearly Panama coffee competition, selecting only their Gesha variety instead of the blend of coffee varieties they had been offering up before. Gesha is now established as one of great and most expensive varieties of Arabica.

La Esmeralda deserves great praise not only for the Peterson's original vision but for how well crafted the coffee is. Quality continues to improve. La Esmeralda's great sweetness indicates real care in picking strictly ripe fruit. Because Boquete's rainy climate causes uneven ripening the coffee plants must be handpicked as many as fourteen times over three months to assure only ripe cherry. We highly recommend their website, perhaps the most complete, most informative of all farm site: La Esmeralda

Almost every year we have preferred the La Esmeralda lot grown on the plot called Mario, which faces the SouthEast. Usually it has been the one harvested in February. This year it was the January harvest (Mario Enero): exceedingly sweet and redolent with apricot-nectarine notes.

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8 ounce

Limited Roast - See description for next roast date.