Producer:Roger Hidalgo
Farm:La Bendición
Farm Size:37 acres
Altitude:5,400 - 5,900 ft.
Varietals:Caturra & Bourbon
Harvest:late February - early March 2014
Rainfall:moderate 51 in - 55 inches
Soil:calcareous clayey soil with rich top soil
Production Method:Washed
The 2014 harvest is a great one, returning to that crackling crisp cup of two years ago, a great expression of Huehuetenango’s unique terroir. The cup delivers an intense, sweet mineral key lime flavor with a touch of tangerine layered in a very mellow creamed fruity jam.

Huehuetenango is a spectacular region of steep, sharp-toothed mountains and narrow valleys. Warm winds from the hot Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, to the north, flow through narrow north-south valleys which branch east-west, warming the mountainsides and allowing coffee growth at far higher altitudes than would ordinarily be possible for such northern latitudes.

La Bendición is owned by retired school teacher Roger Hidalgo, who lives year-long with his family on the farm. It is situated towards the top of near canyon-like walls on two facing mountain slopes with east-west orientation. The beauty of the views from La Bendición drying patio are stunning.


12 ounce