Producer:Karatu Wet Mill, one of four
Farm Size:150 trees on average per family
Number of Farmers:800 farmers
Lot Size:12 bags
Altitude:6,200 ft.
Varietals:SL28 and SL34
Harvest:December 2012
Soil:Red volcanic loam, acidic
Production Method:Traditional Kenya washed
Next Roast April 28th

Karatu is graded AA: these are bold uniform beans that have been manicured of almost all defect. It is a classic full bodied Kenyan with pristine yet velvety notes of black currant, concord grape, plum, and chocolate.

Karatu is one of four wet mills, called factories in Kenya, which form part of the Gitwe Cooperative Society of Farmers, Ltd. 900 farms, with an average of 61 coffee trees, bring their coffee cherries to this mill. Karatu is a mere 22 miles from Kenya's capital, Nairobi, on the east-facing side of the Aberdare Mountains.

Coffee fields grow alongside tea fields at elevations over 6,000 feet. These farmers practice multi-cropping - macadamia, avocado, beans, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes as well as tea.

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