Region:Western Province
Producer:Kanzu Washing Station
Altitude:6,200 – 7,200 ft.
Varietals:French Mission Bourbon
Harvest:Late August 2013
Production Method:Shortened Kenya style
A medium bodied lively cup with caramel notes throwing off glints of raspberry and citrus.

The washing station is located in a lush mountainous area of Rwanda near Lake Kivu. Small farmers – many have less than 200 trees – bring their carefully picked cherries to the Kanzu washing station where great care is taken to wash, soak and dry the beans. During the first hours of drying they are kept in the shade and then brought down the rest of the way in sun on raised racks.

Kanzu is the finest Rwanda we have cupped. The extremely high altitude of the farms and the care given to the processing have given this coffee real terroir.


12 ounce