Producer:Victor Hugo Garcia Benavente
Farm:El Vergel
Farm Size:20 Acres
Altitude:6,200 ft.
Varietals:Bourbon & Caturra
Harvest:February - March 2014
Rainfall:Moderate – 47 to 61 inches on average
Soil:Volcanic loam
Production Method:Washed using modified demucilagers as washing machines (vs. channels)
Bird Friendly Certified
Begins Roasting Monday June 16th!

The cup delivers subtle floral aromas with delicate strawberry sorbet and with mild white grape notes, carried by fine, acidity. It is a refined cup that the great dry central-western regions of Guatemala are justly famous for.

El Vergel, meaning orchard, is in a magical spot. Located just to the east of Lake Atitlan it is a flat strip of land perched on a narrow lush-green canyon ledge, formed by the river Madre Vieja far below. The rainfall is low to moderate and well distributed, leading to very even ripening of the cherries.

It is one of several small adjoining farms which all once formed Finca La Camelia before it was divided up for nineteen sons. Ancient Maya stone glyphs lie amidst the coffee trees in this lush mosaic of small related farms.

Ripe cherries are harvested and immediately trucked to the Bella Vista estate in Antigua, a couple of hours away, where they are meticulously washed and dried. Processing the green coffee properly is just as crucial as how ripe they are.


12 Ounce