Producer:Arturo Aguirre Sr. and Arturo Aguirre Jr.
Farm:El Injerto
Farm Size:1,780 acres of which 1,160 acres is virgin forest; 1,400,000 coffee plants
Altitude:5,300 ft.
Harvest:March 2012
Rainfall:moderate~ 59 to 79 inches
Soil:Calcareous clay soil with rich top soil
Production Method:Traditional Washed
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Rainforest Alliance Certified Bird Friendly Certified
Next Roast May 19th

Ethereal floral aroma when first brewed. Clear, crisp yet delicate filigree notes of sweet lime, peach and pear. Evokes a fine white Burgundy. The subtlety, balance and clarity of this coffee conjure memories of a fine white Burgundy.

Huehuetenango is a spectacular region of steep, sharp-toothed mountains and narrow valleys. Warm winds from the hot Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, to the north, flow through narrow north-south valleys, warming the mountainsides and allowing coffee growth at far higher altitudes than would ordinarily be possible for such northern latitudes.

El Injerto has justly become legendary for the quality of its coffees, winning far more Presidential Cup of Excellence Awards than any other farm in any country. With each year the Aguirres improve their farm in quality production, social development and environmental preservation.

To quote El Injerto: “This coffee was prepared as a Reserve Coffee (Reserva del Comenadaor); it was treated with extra care from plant to milling. To quote El Injerto: Coffee micro-lots of Reserva del Comendador® are carefully picked by the most experience workers in the farm, who receive a premium for picking only the ripen cherries. Wet milled separately, each lot is set in a fermentation tank for 36 to 48 hours. Then, sun dried in patios for about 7 days or aprox. 70 hours of sun. Each bag is labeled, stocktaking and stored in the warehouse of the farm. After resting for a minimum of 45 days, samples are taken to be tasted and evaluated by professional cuppers. Our company is focused on quality, as a key ingredient to achieve sustainability. Part of this agricultural concept includes rewarding our employees. We have constantly invested in education, technology and improving the quality life of the people working in the farm.”

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8 ounce

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