Farm Size:50 bags or 6,400 pounds
Number of Farmers:Approx 600
Altitude:5,900 - 6,550 ft
Varietals:Ethiopian heirloom landraces
Harvest:December 2012
Production Method:Traditional washed
This is perhaps the finest Ethiopian coffee we have ever been privileged to offer. The cup continuously evolves and develops ever more tongue-coating body as it cools, all the while delivering pure elegance and delicate sweet fruit-tinged floral effusions. A subtle, refined, complex coffee!

Deri Kochoha is a privately owned wet mill that pays local small coffee growers competitive prices for their cherry. The fruit is pulped, fermented under water for approximately 72 hours, soaked in very clean water for another 12 hours and then finally dried on traditional raised beds. Once dried this coffee was sorted with particular care, and is graded appropriately as Grade 1 - quite rare.


12 ounce