Region:Yirgacheffe, Oromia
Producer:Borboya Station
Number of Farmers:670
Altitude:5,900 – 6,400 feet
Varietals:Ethiopian heirloom landraces
Harvest:November-December 2013
Production Method:Traditional washed, 36 hour fermentation
Our Yirgacheffe Borboya espresso is a vibrant and complex blend of candied lemon, lavender, and ginger churned with semi-sweet chocolate.

Small farmers whose plots average a little less than two acres bring their coffee cherries to the private washing station called Borboya. Here the ripe-only hand-picked coffee fruit is skin-stripped and the remaining fruit-coated beans allowed to ferment for around 36 hours, depending on the weather. When the fruit coating is ready to come off, the beans are washed in concrete channels with wooden rakes. The beans are then sorted and dried on raised racks for about 10 days.

There is no single variety in the Yirgacheffe coffee area; instead ancient varieties that have been selected locally by choice and happenstance are blended to produce a unique expression of terroir.


12 ounce