Producer:Eugenio Cantillo
Farm Size:7.5 acres plus 5 acres of forest
Lot Size:77 pounds
Altitude:5,500 feet
Varietals:San Bernardo, Bourbon, Typica & Caturra
Harvest:December 2014
Production Method:Traditional washed
Limited Roast — Check back for next limited roast.

The Aranzazu is a smooth cup with creamed raspberry mixed with a touch of pineapple, a coating of dark chocolate and a whisper of wintergreen.

Eugenio Cantillo is the younger brother and next-door neighbor of Isaias Cantillo, the 2007 Colombia Cup of Excellence first prize winner. We have offered coffee from Isaias’s farm, La Esperanza, ever since and introduced a fantastic micro-lot from Eugenio’s farm, Aranzazu, in 2011. Aranzazu has the same terroir and shares a similar flavor range as La Esperanza.

Eugenio’s coffee is composed of a complex web of Arabica varieties. The farm has mixed shade protecting steep slopes. Aranzazu has seven and a half acres of coffee and five of forest. No herbicides or pesticides are used.

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12 Ounce

Limited Roast - See description for next roast date.